About is one of the biggest Virtual Reality porn sites with new movies uploaded on a daily basis. You can download movies and watch them on Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, HTV Vive, Google Cardboard and on desktop. Movies on our site are divided in many categories. We offer virtual reality porn movies in different positions of watching: laying, standing, sitting and leaning. All movies are in HD quality (30, 50 and 60fps) in different angles of view: 120°, 180°, 220°, 270° and 360°, that`s why you can really feel like you are actually there.

Virtual Sex POV


Virtual Reality porn videos are normally seen in many different POVs (point of views). As you can see on our site, there are four main Virtual Sex POVs: laying, sitting, leaning and staying.

All of them are unique by their self and offer various types of pleasure. There is completely user’s decision and opinion which one is the best and which one to choose.


User typically lies on a bed or on sofa (for example: The Donald Trump Sex Tape Virtual Reality Porn Parody) or even on a kitchen table (VR Porn movie of Aina Smith: At your Service. Even if laying is the most basic sex position, we still can experience great feeling due to different positions of our partner. The same is in virtual sex or watching virtual reality porn movies. For example: man is laying, woman can ride his cock in different positions: basic, turned around with butt in front of him and many more.

That type of VR Porn is recommended for users with high susceptibility to motion sickness because users are comfortable while laying and there is low level of vestibular and visual mismatches. Until now we didn`t receive not even one complain for any type of virtual reality sickness for that type of Virtual Reality Sex POV. If you still suffer any type of virtual reality sickness while watching VR porn movies in laying POV, check 11 ways how to prevent it.

virtual sex pov laying vr pov laying


Is there anybody who haven`t seen not even one porn movie with hot bombshell with big tits banging on a kitchen table? I don`t think so. In most cases, there is a man standing in front of hot chick and her tits are bouncing in his rhythm. Of course this are really typical scenarios for a nice quickie when business men came home after work and his wife is already cooking, or when a student fails on school exam and has to correct the negative assessment like in VR porn movie Making the grade of Gina Gerson.

Every naughty teacher is good at teaching young students how to do that properly. We offer many different scenarios on our site: for example bang drunk-driving Assh Lee on kitchen table as a Police officer (). Unfortunately this POV is highly vulnerable for nausea, that`s why we recommend it only for advanced virtual sex users.

vitual sex pov staying vr pov staying


Sitting is one of the most famous Virtual Sex POVs, because in an era of watching porn movies on computer, we usually watch them on a chair with computer in front of us. We can imagine many different scenarios and make the real feel of video. That`s even better with Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift mounted on our head.

Isn`t the blowjob of hot secretary with business look dress and high-heels your first association for sitting position like Timea Bella do in that video? Or maybe great chair sex while you`re playing video games? You should check Teen Ass Pwned by Apolonia Lapierda.

 vr pov sitting virtual sex pov sitting


This position is something between laying and sitting, user’s body is usually around 45° to the ground (90° while sitting and 0° while laying). We usually reach that position when we lean on the wall while some girl giving us a blowjob or if we pull the backrest on the seat back and having sex then (for example sex in the car, sex on modern sofa. Leaning position is also while we are laying and having legs bended as in the position for sitting. Nice example of that Virtual Sex POV is Susy Galas Patio Pussy Pounding.

Regarding our users experience reviews, this position is the most comfortable and highly desirable.

virtual sex pov leaning vr pov leaning


Sex in real life is usually combined with many different positions, that`s why many videos on our site are also combination of different Virtual Sex POVs. When you watch those movies with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Samsung Gear VR you feel realistic, like you`re really there. For example: In Lilyan Reds “Getting Lucky” you can experience 3 different positions: Staying, laying and sitting.

vitual sex pov mixed vr pov mixed


That was the most basic Virtual Sex POVs but with the development of virtual reality, porn industry started providing movies for men and women. Basic porn movies can be filmed only from neutral POV and it meets the criteria for watching if you`re man or woman. If you watch porn movies in Virtual Reality mode, then it`s important what is your point of view. VR porn studios are filming movies in three new different views: men view, women view and voyeur view.

Men View

The most common view is of course for men. There are really lot of videos filmed for men because men are majority in comparison with women for watching porn movies. Have you already seen virtual reality porn parody of sex tape of Donald Trump? You can easily imagine you`re Donald Trump and have threesome with wife Melani and your secretary.

It`s true majority of our videos are filmed for »Men POV«, but we still offer some other POVs - please continue reading.

vr porn men view virtual sex men view

Women View

As the title says, this is special category for women. Can you imagine really clever and nice guy brings two glasses of red wine then go between your legs and starts licking your pussy like Otto did in that scenario? Or you want just a soft lesbian experience with another bombshell? You should really check My First Lesbian Crush or Lez Strap-On.

The thing is that ladies usually expect different type of sex than men – more soft, less perverse with of course a lot of foreplay. The same is with porn movies and virtual sex.

vr porn women view virtual sex women view


As it`s defined on Wikipedia, »Voyeurism is the sexual interest in or practice of spying on people engaged in intimate behaviors, such as undressing, sexual activity, or other actions.« Voyeurism is a hidden desire of many people but with Virtual Reality it`s getting closer to reality. Every guy is keen to watch two hot girls licking each other in front of him or maybe watching your hot friend having fun alone and later banging with your best friend in Jacuzzi in front of you?

vr porn voyeurism vitual sex voyeurism

You can also watch combination of voyeurism, men view VR porn movies or any other. That`s usually normal for VR Porn movies with group of people. It`s all depending on each user what he/she likes the most.

If you have some comments or ideas how we can provide even better user experience, please use the contact form and let us know.